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Philippe Tallois who interviewed the "Fab Four" in 1964 wrote:

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"They are six, they were four. Separately or even together, nothing to do with the silhouette of the four boys from Liverpool. However, when I heard them for the first time outdoors in Nice, on the Promenade des Arts, during of the passage to the year 2001, I jumped. It was "THEM", those whom I had had the pleasure of interviewing in the summer of 1964 in Atlantic City on the east coast of the United States, backstage at the Convention Hall where they had just given themselves to more than 50,000 fans. 

When I approached, it was always this harmony and these chords that gave the Beatles their unique identity throughout their common career. When at last I found myself in front of this group, I did not even count the musicians nor detailed their silhouettes. I was in front of the "Beatles" and throughout a repertoire that transported me from their first guitars to the great orchestrations with psychedelic resonance, it was always "THEM" that the group CARNABY STREET brought to life for a literally "inhabited" audience."

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