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Carnaby Street is six musicians who share with the public the music of the two most famous groups of the sixties.

Carnaby street smartphone

Carnaby Street, pure rock!

The "Sixties" were the decade of rebellion, joy, modernity. Carnaby Street is part of this logic and offers a different approach to the Tribute band. In the purest Rock'n Roll style, like the members of the two groups whose music they play, Carnaby Street breaks the codes. 100% BEATLES & ROLLING STONES! It is this slogan that announces their choice to combine these two legendary groups in the same concert.

If Carnaby Street is not about visual nostalgia, it is faithful to the Rock spirit and the energy of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It is therefore six musicians who will share with you the intense pleasure of this music which has now become "Classic" and perpetuate the good old days of ROCK'N ROLL.

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